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Species of Specific Concern


Similar to the U.S. Forest Service categorization of "Species of Conservation Concern", we are to begin a new page listing species which GWA believes are in dire straits of survival. This listing will be growing over time, most likely not be complete, and as you cmay guess will be somewhat subjective. 


We will most likely use information and science as provided in the Montana Natural Heritage Program.




It is estimated that fewer than 300 wolverines exist in the lower 48 states. The federal government has been petitioned for decades to list the wolverine as an Endangered Species for protection, yet, to no avail. They are not listed as threatened or endangered even though there have been many attempts to do so. GWA feels that wolverines are very much in need of listing and protection. Between trapping, habitat loss and fragmentation, and climate change, there is perhaps no more worthy candidate of listing.


A statement from the U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service's own webpage. A statement dated August 13, 2014.


"While it is clear that the climate is warming, after carefully considering the best available science, the Service has determined that the effects of climate change are not likely to place the wolverine in danger of extinction now or in the foreseeable future. As a result, the wolverine does not meet the statutory definition of either a “threatened species” or an “endangered species” and does not warrant protection under the ESA."


We very much disagree with this conlusion of the USFWS!





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