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Image taken and borrowed from the Action newsletter of Center for Biological Diversity.

1. S. 1276 - Northern Rockies Ecosystem Protection Act


The link:


S.1276 - A bill to designate certain National Forest System land and certain public land under the jurisdiction of the Secretary of the Interior in the States of Idaho, Montana, Oregon, Washington, and Wyoming as wilderness, wild and scenic rivers, wildland recovery areas, and biological connecting corridors, and for other purposes.

People, we need to get our Congressional Delegation involved in the support of this bill. Please write Senator Tester and Senator Daines to support this bill. 


Steve Daines'

Washington D.C. office: 202-224-2651

Washington D.C. fax: 202-228-1236

320 Hart Senate Office Building, Washington D.C. 20510



Jon Tester's

Washington D.C. office: 202-224-2644

Washington D.C. fax: 202-224-8594

311 Hart Senate Office Building, Washington D.C. 20510


2. The Wildlife Corridors Conservation Act: 


The Wildlife Corridors Conservation Act would establish the National Wildlife Corridors System to provide for the protection and restoration of native fish, wildlife, and plant species. The conservation of landscape corridors and waterways, where native species and ecological processes can transition from one habitat to another, is critical to conserving biodiversity and ensuring resiliency for wildlife—especially in the face of climate change. Read case studies about how this act would benefit Florida panthers, grizzly bears, monarch butterflies, and pronghorns.


This is another bill that needs support from the Montana Delegation especially in the Senate. Please contact Senator Daines and Senator Tester (above) and tell them to support this legislation.


Thank you!


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