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Photo taken during winter day trip to Yellowstone NP by Clint Nagel. Bison on Blacktail Deer Plateau dated 20190102.

About Us:


GWA's Introduction: First Ever Video? Really?

Welcome to the Gallatin Wildlife Association!


September 19, 2020


Hope you enjoy our first ever video, as far as I know anyway. Hard to believe, but we're trying to make it into the 21st Century! We are a wildlife advocacy organization that has been around since 1976 - believe it or not. We've been on the forefront of many pushes to protect wildlife habitat, even those efforts promoting the full protection of the Gallatin Range as wilderness - realizing of course that wilderness means the protection of wildlife habitat.


We are a nonprofit, 501 (c) (3) that tries to be a voice for wildlife. If wildlife could speak, what would they say? Those may sound like simplistic terms, thoughts and ideas, perhaps to idealistic, but we are a small and active group who uses science and the law in our battle for their right to exist. Those are not simplistic ideas. Ladies and gentlemen, that is a purpose. That is the reason we exist, not for us but to be a voice for the voiceless.


Please consider our organization if you have those concerns as well. The cause is great and just.


Clinton Nagel, President

Gallatin Wildlife Association



Our Mission Statement:


"Gallatin Wildlife Association (GWA) is a local, all volunteer wildlife conservation organization dedicated to the preservation and restoration of wildlife, fisheries, habitat and migration corridors in Southwest Montana and the Greater Yellowstone Ecosystem, using science-based decision making. We are a non-profit 501-c (3) organization founded in 1976. GWA recognizes the intense pressures on our wildlife from habitat loss and climate change, and we advocate for science-based management of public lands for diverse public values, including but not limited to hunting and angling."


Our efforts benefit the community by focusing on wildlife issues through emails, newsletters and outreach events. GWA regularly meets with other wildlife organizations and NGOs on wildlife issues and with our Congressional Delegation to inform and comment.


Please consider working with Gallatin Wildlife Association by joining the organization or providing your email so wildlife issues and volunteer opportunities can be easily communicated.



Note to Membership:                                                                                                                     June 25, 2020


GWA is proud to announce

our first active Facebook page!


It has been a long-time coming, but that day has arrived. The link is here!


This couldn't have come at a better time. With the event of Covid-19, we all have to search out better ways to get our name and word out to the general public. Hopefully this achievement will help in that effort. We will tie both entities together, but this website will obviously hold the bulk of news and information. This may be more helpful than ever as Covid-19 cases in Montana are on the rise. Even though restrictions and stay at home order have been lifted across the state, GWA has not resumed our biweekly board meetings in the public arena and the rise of Covid-19 cases makes that possibility more unlikely in the near future. Please be aware we are monitoring the situation closely. All public meetings due to the outbreak of Covid-19 will be curtailed until we feel our board and members can meet safely. We also depend upon the full opening of our familar meeting locations. 


This does not mean, however, that we are not still working on behalf of wildlife. Look at the list below for proof of that. If there are any concerns or issues you have, we can communicate via email, text or phone. Also please refer to this website.  This is still the best way to keep informed of our activities. 


We will notify you when our world gets back to normal, however, it might be said, we will be looking at a new normal. In the mean time for those of you who are willing and able, use our new Facebook Page for advance news and information. Peace to all and be safe. Thank you.


Clinton Nagel, President
Gallatin Wildlife Association

Who We Are:


Board and Officers:


President: Clint Nagel - graduated from Southern Oregon College in Ashland, Oregon in 1974 with B.S. Degree in Biology. He began his federal service with the U.S. Geological Survey, Water Resources Division in Buffalo, Wyoming in 1978. Early on, his service consisted of work overseeing a variety of surface-water monitoring programs. But as opportunities changed, a majority of that time also included water quality and sediment programs associated with the National Stream Quality Accounting Network as well with several statewide Ambient water-quality monitoring networks. Several years were also spent in the ground water discipline. The last several years of his career included more management aspects as he became supervisor over the Hydrologic Surveillance section in the Kansas City, Missouri Subdistrict Office and the Sacramento, California Field Office.


He officially retired in 2009 while in Sacramento, CA. He volunteered part of his time back to the agency for a 3-month period before he once again worked on a part-time basis for an additional year and a half. After that he drew his career to a close and his wife and he relocated to Bozeman, MT. Now they spend their time volunteering and being on boards for various groups and organizations within the Bozeman community. Currently he sits on the board of the Gallatin Wildlife Association, Gallatin Yellowstone Wilderness Alliance, Heart of the Valley Animal Shelter plus past President of the local chapter of the National Active and Retired Federal Employees Association. He is active within many environmental groups in the Bozeman area and writes letters on behalf of many causes.



Vice President: Vacant - 


Secretary: Nancy Shultz - Nancy lives in Bozeman, and enjoys many outdoor activities including hiking, cycling, cross country skiing and watching wildlife.


Treasurer: Paul Griffin -


Other Board Members:



Joe Gutkoski was born and raised in Pennsylvania. After graduation from high school, he enlisted in the Navy in WWII where he served on the Destroyer Lansdowne. He graduated from Penn State University with a BS degree in Landscape Architecture. He began work with the U.S. Forest Service in the ate 1940s as a fire fighter in Idaho. He transferred to Missoula, He transferred to Missoula, MT, where for 13 years he worked as a smoke jumper, squad leader and foreman, fighting fire throughout the West. Joe transferred as a Landscape Architect to the Forest Service Regional Lands Office, doing planning and design work in MT, ID, eastern WA, North and South Dakota, MN and Alaska. In 1964, he was assigned to the Gallatin National Forest in Bozeman. Joe retired from the USFS in 1982 with 32 years of service.


He then started a licensed practice in land planning and design in Montana, Idaho and Wyoming. Joe is a life-long environmentalist and defender of public lands. He was President and founding member of Montana Rivers and Yellowstone Buffalo Foundation. He was President, Secretary and Grievance Officer of Local 130 National Federation of Federal Emloyees Union. Joe has served as President of the Gallatin Wildlife Association, member of Montanans for Gallatin Wilderness, and Vice President of Montana Wildlife Federation where he served on the Board of Directors for many years. Joe was President and Secretary of Madison Gallatin Alliance, a chapter of Montana Wilderness Association. He was also Vice President of the Big Open Project in northeast Montana. He was Vice President and Secretary of Montana/Idaho Chapter of American Society of Landscape Architects, and lastly, Chairman of Bozemans Schools, Parks and Recreation Planning Committee.



Jim Bailey - Retired. Former biologist, Illinois Natural History Survey, New Mexico Game & Fish Department, Professor of wildlife management, Colorado State University. 



Board Position - Vacant. 


Science Advisory Board:


Glenn Hockett: My passion is for fish, wildlife and their wild habitats. I love Montana and the Rocky Mountain West. I have a B.S. Degree in Rangeland Management from Montana State University. My experience in Montana, like the landscape, is vast, diverse, weathered and ever changing. I am honored to serve as a volunteer on the Science Advisory Board. My experience as past President of the Gallatin Wildlife Association should serve me well in the new endeavor. Our focus is simple yet complex - we work to protect habitat and conserve fish and wildlife.


Lance Craighead:


George Wuerthner:


Jim Bailey: Retired. Former biologist, Illinois Natural History Survey, New Mexico Game and Fish Department, Professor of Wildlife Management, Colorado State University.



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